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To make Clean Energy Victory Bonds a reality....

The Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014!

On April 8, 2014, Representatives Zoe Lofgren, Doris Matsui and cosponsors introduced the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act, H.R. 4426, in the House of Representatives. The bill, officially entitled “To promote the domestic development and deployment of clean energy technologies required for the 21st century,” will allow all Americans to invest in Treasury Bonds for as little as $25 each that will fund a clean energy future. The $50 billion raised from the bonds will fund clean energy programs that support wind, solar, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles in the United States.

The original cosponsors of the legislation are Representatives Zoe Lofgren, Doris Matsui, Mike Honda, Wm. Lacy Clay, Chellie Pingree, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Judy Chu, Steve Israel, Matt Cartwright, Mike Quigley, Katherine Clark, Niki Tsongas, Rush Holt, Lois Capps and George Miller. If they represent your district, please let them know that you are glad that they are supporting Clean Energy Victory Bonds.

If your representative is not yet a supporter of Clean Energy Victory Bonds, please call their Washington DC office (see below) and let them know that you would like them to support the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014 to allow all Americans to invest in a clean energy future.

To read the full text and a summary of the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014, please go here.

After you contact your Representative, please take our action below to Pledge to Buy Clean Energy Victory Bonds when they become law.

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Sample Constituent Email

In order to create support for the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014 in Congress and make sure they become law, we'll need thousands of Americans to tell their elected officials that they want the opportunity to invest in clean energy now.

Below is a sample email you can send to your Representative urging them to support Clean Energy Victory Bonds legislation. To email your Representative, go to http://www.house.gov/representatives/ and click the link to your Representative which will take you to the Representative’s web page.

Dear [Representative],

The Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014 is a new way for Americans to invest in our energy future. Clean Energy Victory Bonds (CEVBs) will help provide energy security and independence from foreign energy sources and create at least 1 million competitively paying jobs in the expanding green sector.

This program will not raise taxes for individuals, businesses, or the government, but instead will raise funds specifically for renewable energy research and development from millions of American investors. I strongly urge you to support the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014. As a resident of XX, I urge you to move our nation towards a leadership position in the rapidly growing clean energy sector.

Thank You

Sample Constituent Phone Script

Below is a sample script you can use to call your Representative urging them to support the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014. Click here to find your Representative's contact information, or call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Representative.

Hello, My name is ___________ from [STATE]’s [DISTRICT] district [or City/Town}. I am calling to express my desire for more green jobs in our state and to ask [Representative XX] to support the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014. Clean Energy Victory Bonds will help end our dependence on foreign sources of energy and, as a result, help create domestic jobs in clean energy. The bonds will help to create 1 million good-paying jobs in the US. I fully support Clean Energy Victory Bonds and hope that Congressman [NAME OF REP.] will support this important legislation that will help make [STATE] and our nation a leader in clean energy production and job creation.

Sample Constituent Letter to the Editor/Op-ed

Following is sample text that you can feel free to adapt and send to your local newspaper. The more letters to editor/Op-eds that we get placed nationwide, the more support people will see for Clean Energy Victory Bonds. This sample letter is about 300 words long, which is often the limit for newspapers (although op-eds can run longer).

The easiest way to submit a letter to the editor, is to go to the website of your local newspaper and click on the link for submitting one. You will be asked to upload the letter and provide contact information (so the newspaper can verify that you sent in the letter).

Dear Editor,

As a resident of [City/State], I am writing to voice my support for the Clean Energy Victory Bonds (CEVB’s) Act of 2014. CEVB’s are Treasury Bonds that will allow citizens to invest in our energy future, raising up to $50 billion for clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, next generation biofuels, electric vehicles and energy efficiency. The programs funded will create economic benefits and jobs in all states, including [State].

In World War II, millions of Americans purchased over $185 billion in Victory Bonds (over $2 trillion in today’s dollars) to support the war effort. Now, our nation is facing the challenges of ongoing unemployment and the loss of our competitive edge in new technologies. CEVBs will allow all Americans to invest in a cleaner energy future that will boost our economy.

The Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014 would not raise taxes for individuals or businesses, but instead raise funds from American investors specifically for clean energy research and development. Investors in CEVBs will be purchasing Treasury Bonds, for as little as $25, providing them with a safe place to put their money, while advancing our nation’s clean energy future.

The programs supported by CEVBs will create tremendous economic benefits. CEVBs will help create at least 1 million jobs manufacturing, deploying, and maintaining renewable energy development projects. Our economy will be better shielded from price fluctuations resulting from fossil fuel costs. Consumers will spend less on their utility bills due to energy efficiency and clean energy technologies. Moreover, because our dependence on foreign oil threatens our national security, use of domestic clean energy solutions would not only be better for the environment but for the long-term safety of the American people.

I urge Congress to pass Clean Energy Victory Bonds legislation soon to move America toward a cleaner, more prosperous tomorrow.

CEVB Fact Sheet

Clean Energy Victory Bonds are U.S. Treasury bonds that will be available for as little as $25, and encourage and reward citizen investment in the burgeoning domestic clean energy industry.

Economic Benefits of Clean Energy Victory Bonds

  • Leverage $50 billion investment to provide up to $150 billion in public and private financing to fund the production of innovative energy technologies, at a time when the US is falling behind other countries in clean energy manufacture and installation.
  • Help create at least 1 million competitively-paying jobs in the U.S.
  • Provide financing for clean energy without raising taxes on individuals or corporations.
  • Support America’s clean energy sector, helping to ensure that the U.S. is a world leader in this increasingly crucial and competitive industry.
  • Reduce U.S. dependence on foreign sources of energy, enhance national security, and limit price increases and fluctuations.

Individual and Institutional Investor Benefits of Clean Energy Victory Bonds

  • Provide a secure, competitive, government-backed investment vehicle for average Americans and investment institutions alike seeking a safe place for their money.
  • Provides a return that is equal to, or superior to, other Treasury bonds, based on the benefits created by the bonds.
  • Help all Americans to invest in the future of their country and benefit from their investments.

Environmental Benefits of Clean Energy Victory Bonds

  • Promote a cleaner environment through the financing of clean energy technologies.
  • Protect the health and safety of Americans by reducing local air and water pollution throughout the country.

Top 10 Reasons To Support Clean Energy Victory Bonds

  1. Over 1 Million New Good-Paying Jobs: The $50 billion raised by CEVBs can be leveraged to provide a full $150 billion in investment in clean energy technology. Research shows that total investments of $150 billion in clean energy can create at least 1 million competitively-paying jobs, significantly lowering the unemployment rate.
  2. Not a Tax: CEVBs would not require any new taxes on individuals or corporations.  Instead, CEVBs represent an investment opportunity that individuals and institutions will choose to support.
  3. Energy Security: Reduces U.S. dependence on foreign sources of energy, enhancing national security.
  4. Consumer Savings: Clean energy solutions will lower utility bills since clean energy sources are free of the volatility and price increases of fossil fuels. When clean energy solutions are paired with energy efficiency, consumers will see a decrease in energy costs.
  5. A Safe Investment: Investors will be purchasing US Treasury Bonds. Backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government, investors will earn back their full investment plus interest.
  6. Grow US Businesses: Support the growth of American businesses in the clean energy sector, and help them become more competitive globally.
  7. Health Benefits: Protect the health and safety of Americans by reducing local air and water pollution throughout the country. Clean energy will significantly reduce deaths from heart attacks, lung diseases and asthma, and reduce birth defects from mercury poisoning.
  8. Grow the US Economy: Will bring money into the American economy through foreign exports as demand for clean energy around the world increases.
  9. Clean Energy Protects the Economy: Clean energy relies on limitless sources like sun, wind and geothermal, which in turn will limit jolts to the US economy from energy price increases. Currently, the economy is at the mercy of price increases for fossil fuel resources (especially oil), and the price of oil will only go up as we deplete reserves.
  10. Competitive Advantage: Clean energy technologies will be the growth sector for the next century. The U.S. can become the leading producer and exporter of advanced energy technologies and ensure our economic competitiveness for generations.
Click here to read transcript of Representative Bob Filner speaking to Congress on behalf of Clean Energy Victory Bonds.